Is online gambling legal in the U.S.?

Online gambling is a much loved online activity in most parts of the world. Different countries have different rules about online gambling. It is a banned thing in most of the Asian and Middle Eastern countries. In the US, it is legal as there is no federal law against online gambling. The US law says that placing wagers online doesn’t violate any US law. There is rarely any case reported in US for arresting or prosecuting its citizen for anything related to online gambling. It proves that there is no federal law in US against online gambling.

Following are some of the points which prove that online gambling is legal in the US.

  • No federal law against online gambling – First thing first, in US there is no federal law against gambling. Nobody is ever convicted for anything related to online gambling. It is definitely legal.
  • Some US states might have a law against online gambling – There might be some US states which have laws against online gambling but even they rarely prosecute anyone gambling online. In recent times just two cases were reported in some conservative US states. The first guy in 2011 was convicted under general gambling laws and not any federal law specific to online gambling. He paid a $500 fine over winning a gamble of over $100,000 on some sports betting. The other guy was convicted in 2012 for similar reasons.